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Bay Area Figurative Art and the Oakland Museum


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Dates & Time: Wednesday, April 24; May 1st and May 3- trip to Oakland Museum  10:00-12:00

Class Type: In-Person

Instructor: Diane Levinson

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The Bay Area Figurative Movement is considered by many to be the area’s most
singular contribution to 20 th century art. In the 1950’s, representing an important moment
in the development of abstract painting after World War II, artists, David Park, Richard
Diebenkorn, and Elmer Bischoff – based in the Bay Area of San Francisco –
reincorporated subject-matter into their work in defiance of the pure abstraction favored
by the so-called New York School: Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, et al. The evolution
of the Bay Area Figurative Movement was culturally associated with the rise of beat
culture in San Francisco, and West Coast jazz. Like the artists of the figurative
movement, Funk Art was a response to the Abstract Expressionist movement. Funk Art
rose from the depths of the San Francisco underground influenced by the expansion of
hippie counterculture and anti-establishment Beatnik aesthetics and expression. Funk
Art became home to artists Robert Arneson, David Gilhooly, and Clayton Bailey to
name a few who embraced the lurid, the garish, the cartoonish, and the profane. This
course will explore the artists, origins and legacy of the Bay Area Figurative Movement
and Funk Art.

We will have two weeks of lectures and then a trip to the Oakland Museum to view Bay Area Art

Transportation will be provided.


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Diane Levinson, MFA, SJSU, BA, Sculpture, State University of New York 

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Field Event, Lecture

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Date: 2024-04-24

Start time: 10:00 a.m. PST

End time: 12:00 p.m. PST

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