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How U.S. Foreign Policy and Misuse of the Military Squandered the Legacy of the Greatest Generation (Part 2 of 2)


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Date/Time: Tue. Aug. 3, 10, 17 & 24                  1:30 – 3:30
Note: This is Part 2 of 2.  Part 1 will be offered July  6 – 27
Instructor: Dr. Michael Baker, MD, FACS, Rear Admiral, Medical Corps, USN (ret)
Location: ONLINE

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Course Description

In this second of his two-part course Dr. Baker further briefs you on the topic. WWII, the United States emerged as the world’s sole superpower, and for a time, it led in postwar recovery. The U.S. promoted policies and organizations designed to promote democracy and global stability such as the Marshall Plan, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization. But then came a long run of using the U.S. military aggressively, preemptively, and often inexplicably around the globe. The result has been a squandering of the admirable legacy of our great WWII generation.  Dr. Baker offers a two-part deep dive into the complex circumstances that led to such misguided uses of force and our arrival at the cycle of “endless” military adventures presently afoot.  The power and promise of The Greatest Generation is in shambles.  How can we again find ways to contribute to global peace and prosperity?  Let’s see if OLLI and Dr. Baker can suggest some answers. 
Note: This is Part 2 of 2.  Part 1 will be offered July  6 – 27

Event Details

Date: 2021-08-03

Start time: 01:30 p.m.

End time: 03:30 p.m.



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