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OSHER ONLINE: Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: It’s Impact on Our Society


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Date/Time: Thursdays, April 6,13,20,27, May 4,11 at 9:00am
Instructor: Douglas Burks, PHd Biology
Location: ONLINE

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Course Description

In this course you will explore the history of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection. You will do this from a biological and moral perspective. The basic evidence supporting the theory will be presented.  The theory of evolution is the central unifying theory of biology and is the cornerstone of all biological and medical disciplines in the 21st century.  We will explore how the fossil record, comparative anatomy ,biogeography, and molecular biology all provide support for evolution. Many called Darwin’s theory a most dangerous idea. It was considered one wedge between religion and secular society. Both the positive and negative impacts of modern evolutionary science will be explored. The course is for both novice and those experienced in science. Those with no background in science whatsoever will find the course both interesting and approachable. (ONLINE) *Members Only*

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Douglas Burks, PHd Biology

Event Details

Date: 2023-04-06

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 11:15 a.m.

Venue: Online


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