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The Paradoxical Knight and King Arthur


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Date/Time: Thursdays, October 5,12,19 & 26     1 – 3pm 

Instructor: Ken Alexander, MA, lecturer Art History and Humanities, Los Medanos College
Location: In-Person, Concord Campus

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Course Description

King Arthur is a legend. There. It’s been said. There is no proof that he ever lived, but we all know his legend. Why? A 15th century English knight wrote a series of stories involving a heroic but tragic king, a faithless queen, and the heroic knights who served the kingdom, sitting together as equals at a “round table”, and questing in search of honor and adventure while being champions of justice. The paradox? Sir Thomas Malory wrote his tales while in prison, having been accused of rape, extortion, robbery and attempted murder. How could such an apparently ignoble and criminal knight weave such timeless tales of chivalry, sorcery and the quest for the Holy Grail? Join Mr. Alexander on this literary, historical and pop-cultural journey, and learn more about these fictional heroes and their all-too-real author (first printed in 1485, the same year that Richard III met his death as the Wars of the Roses came to a close.)

(In-Person, Concord Campus)


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Ken Alexander, MA, lecturer art history and humanities, Los Medanos College

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Fall 2023

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Date: 2023-10-05

Start time: 01:00 p.m.

End time: 03:00 p.m.

Venue: In-Person, Concord Campus


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